Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wednesday Lego Progress

Hey guys,

Today was great. First of all:
•Many students came up during their lunch period to work on websites.
To seek out extra time to work on things you want to work shows great interest and motivation. Keep it up!
•During class, much progress was made on the Robolab programs.
You know, we do not always have to hit a grandslam Homerun. We need singles to make progress. ( Baseball World
Series -type lingo) In other words several students learned KEY tools in Robolab like the right-click- replace trick for
replacing an icon in the program line instead of deleting it, adding a new icon, and then re-wiring. That was a
tremendous time saving tool and shows progress in learning to be fluent in the Robolab program.

•Many new students have joined the Beacon Afterschool Lego activity. For the class groups, you may notice progress has been made on your project that you did not do yourself- it was not alien elves!
TEAMWORK is what we call this. As a group, we can accomplish more. Yes, many can do much alone- but together, the
sky is limit. (More on this later.)

•Ricky and Serge, two new sixth grade Beacon kids, have completed construction of the "Pipeline" mission which is part of the FLL Ocean Odyssey Challenge. You know how hard these are to construct. These two came up and in two days finished it.
Great job.

I want to see comments to this post from my Robotics kids. I want to read how your progress is going.
Friday is not Beacon. You will need a written, signed note from your parent to attend Friday, Robotics Club. We will meet
from dismissal to 5:00pm. I will give you my cell phone number so your parents can contact you by calling me in class for early pick-ups.


Anonymous said...

Mr.Wright. It's me Daniel. I want you to read this. Serge is going to come over my house over the weekend so I can teach him to get obsessed with lego robotics. I know he is a really bright kid. I can see that he cannot miss out on this opertunity. I think you should worksomething out and put him in the 7TA class, even though he is a sixth grader. Even better that he is from my country...easier for me to teach him and communicate with him. We are really good friends, but now I will teach him lego robotics. DO NOT WORRY Mr.Wright...I will give him tips, but I WILL NOT TOUCH THE COMPUTER. That is how I learned...and that is how I thing he should learn, and even the new "tribe" I am in. I hope you stayed patient during this potentially extended piece of 1000 letters. Farewell for now, and I hope we get further in class.

From Dany

Fred Wright said...

Daniel, Don't be too hard on poor Serge! I'll see you eighth period Monday! Make sure you do your other HW too!