Thursday, October 06, 2005

Robolab, Thursday 10/6/05

I would like to thank Robert for presenting Robolab today. I could tell by all of the hands in the air that many people understood the basics already. Just think, this is all new to everyone but instead of being lost or feeling like you can not do it, I think, almost everyone was following along and no one felt totally lost. You will get your chance next time we meet to program in Robolab.

Remeber, it is all new. That's all- just new. Not impossible.

Next week we continue the challenge of making and programming a robot the moves up two feet, stops, and then reverses two feet.

When you come into the class, get your kit and Robot. Everyone gets out their Journals. One person will get a laptop to start programming the RCX at the same table with their group where the Robot is being constructed.

If you have not initialized the RCX yet, get that step done. Robert and Gary will help you with that. All it means is that we have to get the Infrared tower to recognize the laptop and vice versa.

If I have not given you batteries yet, see me to get them. They need to be in the RCX to be to get initialized and then programmed.



Anonymous said...

Wilson says will we get batteries for the RCX if we don't have them

Anonymous said...

hey mr weight its me talia and i was wondering if im going to to get a chance to pfogram and work infront of everybody
if i do i do not want to ask questions to the class because i dont like that

Fred Wright said...

Yes you will get batteries and yes Thalia, once you get proficient at Robolab, I would love to have you or you and you group share with the class. You could use the projector and the laptop.

Anonymous said...

hey mr its me talia agen nd im here 2 ask u if we have to do da hw