Sunday, October 02, 2005

Link Index for Teachers,

Teachers can organize important links for a lesson or for professional use.

If you want students to search or "Google" a topic they can easily search aimlessly for hours. Giving students say 2 to 6 websites that the you have already researched for appropriate content, their search is focused and hopefully more productive. You can list your links on an index that you can send them to on the web. They search from there from your references.

I have my links organized on a web-based index. In other words, there is a website that I joined where I am able to cut and paste the addresses of the links I want my students to use. Go look: My user name is fwright2.

Users can log in to fwright2 as a guest to view and click on my links. Currently, I have two crucial websites for my Lego-Robotics class, a lego site with all of the missions for our upcoming competition and another with manuals, how-to's, and other information to help my students learn how to plan, build and program their robots.

I can help you to sign-up and get started anytime.



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Fred Wright said...

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