Sunday, October 30, 2005

Naming our Sub Groups

We spoke about re-naming our sub-groups last week. I did not put much thought to the original names mainly because they work. Your groups are called Talent1, Talent2- functional but boring. I thought it might be fun for you to come up with names on your own. I thought it also might be a sneaky way for me to get you to explore the NASA site if I suggested that you take group names from the spaces vehicles or moons of planets from the NASA pages. Names like "The Titans" or "Eon" sound really neat. It would show me you went the sites, read the material, and it would honor our mentor.

Many of the photographs from space are there because of the work of our mentor, Dr. Antreasian.

A word about teams: We have one team for Lego Robotics. We will compete together as one unit. While we are learning to build and program we will work in smaller sub-groups. We will all learn more from each other and we will all find certain roles within our team. By working together, we will be able to bring much brain power to bear on our challenges. I will change members of the sub-groups often. The purpose of this is for us to really get to know each other well. It is also my way of getting slower groups going by bringing in more experienced students and if a group is strong, the new member might need to benefit from the new group's expertise. By constantly changing group members and groups, students will be forced to adapt and also to both teach and learn in a new situation for MAXIMUM achievement!


Anonymous said...

You are a genuis. These new names can help us express ourself more. Paulina L.

Class729KevinW said...

This is Irini, Kevin, Diana, Paige, and Joseph, We picked our name for the group, Metis the moon of Jupiter.

Class729KevinW said...

We chose it because we might be up to practice challenges against other teams even though were one big team.