Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Scientific Method

Hey everybody,
Today was an amazing day in class.

Here is a partial list of the activities all or some of you started, continued, or completed today during a 42 minute class period.

1. Built Simple-Bots
2. Initialized RCX
3. Loaded Robolab into Laptops
4. Programmed Robolab for 2' up and back Challenge
5. Put batteries into RCX
6. Loaded .vi Inventer program into RCX
7. Tested Simple-Bot
8. Entered the 5 steps of the Scientific Method into your Lego Journals.
9. Surfed Lego Blog

I am very happy to see so many more students adding data, observations, test results, hypothesis, predictions and other entries today. Keep up the good work!!!!!

Please, someone post the Scientific Method as I have it on the bulletin board in room 301. I think it will be a great addition to the Blog. I will allow you to use my admin id to create a fresh post.

Tomorrow! Great news! The user id's and passwords are working for your websites. I hate to take you away from continuing the challenge tomorrow so I may have only 12 of you working on your new websites. The other members of the Talent Crews will do all 9 activities listed above. You know what needs to be done.

***********Major recognition for the Talent6 group- You are the first group to build, initialize, program, load and test your bot! I think you are probably surprised that you came so far so quick. AND you entered everything into your journals! Hey everybody, that's what it looks like to get a 100% for the day. Excellent job!

If you care to comment today, please share how your activities are going, you know, problems you had, insights you came up with. Things like that.

See you.



JenniferHPHS said...

Hi Mr. Wight This is Jennifer From class 825 how are you? How is the Lego Robotics going on when is it going to start? will see you at school. Jennifer Class 825

Bonnie said...

Me Again....

Benny:Music=Life said...

Hello... i had been fixing my portfolio and it's goin pretty well... thanks 4 the advices, it Rocks!!

Benny:Music=Life said...

Mr. Wright.. are u incharge of the Is93 site? if so, can u help me add a link to educators it's Mr. Fayad's blog -
Thank You Very Much!

JenniferHPHS said...

Wow you are making a deal e=with Benny good move.

Benny:Music=Life said...

well... i don't know there's music but i do got one audio clipon my site and if that's wat you mean then just simply go to one website let say (it's a chinese site) and then go to mp3 and search for the song you want then right click and copy the URL, which i think you no how to do. Then go to your profile and look for "Audio Clip" then paste your URL. Bascially that's wat i had done but if this is not the answer you are looking for then sorry. nice site by the way...

Benny:Music=Life said...

Don't forget to publish the blog after pasting the Song URL.

Anonymous said...

I saw your blog- you are amazing.
Hope all is well!
Jeannie Fagan

Anonymous said...

hey Mr.Wright its me Marius at first
I didnt understand the gear proccess.Like you said gears are confusing but now i understand the reason for powering up and powering down thanks Mr.Wright