Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Student Blogs Highlight Student Learning

Check the Student blogs and websites on the right. These are my lego robotic students who are begining to blog which means they are publishing what they learn.

I had hoped they would just do it. Some did. Some did not. As this is new ground for me, I am learning that I have to find a way to make what I want my students to do "a must."

Well, now "they must."

Students will begin to migrate their Lego Robotics Journals to on-line publishing.

One way is to write in "Word" and then copy and paste the text to a blog entry. I find it difficult at first, to write the content, and to figure out how to make the blog entries work. Wilson has chosen to use a different page maker.

Advanced features of blogs or other on-line publishing:

  • Embed links and references into the blogs to add definitions and other sources to back up what is being reported or said.
  • Add pictures and photos of your own robots from class instead of copying pictures from the web to illustrate your entries.
  • Add extra sidebar topics by messing around with the html on the template.


Go to the other students' journals and post comments on what they have reported about their learning. This may seem awkward or forced at first until we learn how to communicate by blogging and publishing on-line.

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ChakW said...

Mr. Wright, I set up my lego blog that I'm going to use. It's address is at