Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Region 4 Spring Robotics Pentathlon and Aviation High School Open House

Beacon is providing bus transportation to Aviation HS. We leave at 7:30am. Bring a lunch.

Click here for permission slip for Saturday. All participants must have a signed permission slip to attend.

We have had a slow start developing really good solutions for these events but the team always seems to pull through.
The best event for I.S. 93, as always, is our technology presenation skills. Any member of our team could present and do well because so many team members know so much about the robotic concepts such as gear trains and robust construction.


wilson729 said...

Are we able to make programs for other challenges during the acutual competition?

Mr. Perskin said...

Congrats to earning 1st place overall in this weekend's meet!

Eric said...

Hi Mr.Wright I made a blog.

Eugene said...

Mr.Wright, how come you haven't been in school for two weeks? I just wanted to know if there would be afterschol on wednesday the 21st.

Robert said...

Hi Mr. Wright, it's Robert from 719. I just wanted to say that I finally posted one of my writing pieces on my ELA blog!.