Saturday, May 13, 2006

More Claws, More Journaling

Agenda for the week:
More Claws, More Journaling

Work Groups will continue to troubleshoot their robots. This means the robot must be pretty quick and needs to have a motorized claw that grasps a soda can. These activities always sound simple and are very easy to do poorly.

Here are some observations from last week:

1.) The first attempts of attaching the claws to the robots looked clumsy and did not work very well. That is what I expected.

2.) More students were adding better quality notes to their journals. That is what I had I hoped for.

3.) Many of the robots got very heavy. That was not as predictable but I was not surprised.

4.) The gear trains were designed by using shortcuts. I thought I would see more gear trains designed better because we spent so much time on the dragsters and learning gear trains. I thought groups would use that information to their advantage when trying to design a robot for this task. You earned that knowledge from hard work. This surprised me.

5.) There was a lot of re-designing going on. I saw many more students willing to tear apart what they were building to fix a problem. That is what you should be doing.

Groups should be ready to run their robot and grasp a can by the end of the week.
I would like to see each student start a blog journal so that you can write and publish your work to the web.


Class729KevinW said...

I want to take our suggestion on security.i also want to add graphics to my blog.KevinW

wilson729 said...

Can I make a Lego Journal on Google Page Creator?

Eugene said...

I have taken your suggestion into consideration and have helped Jonathan P. from class 749 to start a blog and I have showed him how to add pictures. Also, I have added more pictures to my own blog and I am updating my blog daily

Fred Wright said...

Excellent job everyone. See me in classs for details.

wilson729 said...

Ok the URL is