Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sabado in Carnota


Yesterday was somethng else. I have not posted in a little while because we were very busy.

Norm Scot, Steve Shapinsky and Fred Wright went to Spain to set up a relationship with a school there in a town called Carnota. We brought Lego Robotics kits and computers and many other technology devices and cables.

After meeting with the Principal and Technology teacher, we began training them in Lego Robotics. In order to share the experience, we used to communicate with many students and teachers, principals and regional staff in New York City. Webcams and chats were used.

The technology did not work completely at first but eventually we got the video and audio to work along with the chat. That enabled both sides to see and hear what the other side was doing.

What was each side doing?

The New York side was demonstrating thier robots in action attemtping to score points on the field. The Carnota side was watching them. Other students on both sides were exchanging information about the Reasearch Project. IS 93 asking questions about ther effects of the Prestige oil spill. Carnota was blogging and skype-chatting back the answers to the questions.

Today, students in Carnota gave up a beautiful Saturday to learn Robotics with us. These girls are quick learners!

Steve Shapinsky teaching the Prinicpal and the Technology teacher how to do advanced Robolab so they can teach their half of opur team.


Darius said...

I know you...your a teacher at I.S.93,you told me about not talking to starngers on the internet.

Robert said...

On Friday it was very exciting to chat with the students in our sister school in Spain through Skype. Also, the video and audio comunication was a usefull tool for communication. With my Mom's help I tried to translate the answers to our questions on the research project in comments so that everyone who looks at them can see what they mean in English if they were written in Spanish. I hope we did a good job with the translations. I have also updated all of my blogs.

Xosé said...

The girls in the top picture are Alba (sitting) and Carla (standing). In the bottom picuture are Xosé and Natalia (right) and Shapinski (left). The girl sitting at the computer and the one behind her are technology teachers from two other schools who dropped in Saturday morning to see us work and learn some Lego Robotics.

Natalia said...

Thanks Rober, you are helping us a lot with the translations.