Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Few Pictures From Spain

We spent many hours training our new teammates in Carnota last weekend.
I will be sharing pictures and some items of interest as I go.

This is me, Fred Wright, and Steve Shapinsky, Region 4, NYCBOE, Robotics Staff Developer, using Skype to have a video conference with our classmates and teachers back at IS 93 in NY from Spain.

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This is the lab in Carnota that we worked in. The view on the wall is from the room 301 where Mr. John Daly was webcasting the IS 93 students running missions on the challenge mat while our new teammates in Spain were watching and asking questions.


Gabby said...

It was very interesting to talk to the people in carnota. I beleive that it was a huge success.

Gabby said...

I posted alot on the advisory blog.I posted the following:
AHH Math!
Extra help
The truth will be the truth
making time

Carla said...

It was nice talking with the school from NY. And I learned a lot when I tried to constructe a robot.

stephen shapinsky said...
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stephen shapinsky said...

I greatly enjoyed following along the students' exchange. For instance, after answering many questions from the IS 93 students about the Prestige Oil Spill, Carnota students skyping questions back about Hurrican Katrina. This perfectly embodies our goal of student-directed global exchange.