Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wednesday Wipeout Results

Last week was so much fun and we all learned so much from the added stress of the timer.

So, we have decided to have a weekly timed competition with a new name every week. Last week was the "Smack Down." This week was the Wednesday Wipeout."

Today's results:
  • Galileo run by Daniel 190 pts
  • Coaches run by Mr. Daly 119 pts
  • Cassini run by Gary 86 pts

The earlier part of the session was a riot. We all tuned up our Skype accounts to practice for communicating with our teammates in Spain. So we sat around a big table and Skyped each other. We had conference calls and conference chats going simultaneously- great fun! I posted a challenge "Send a picture file of a Lego gear to everyone in the chat." Skype functions allow file transferring, so first everyone had to search in Google images, then save to the My Pictures folder, and finally Send File. What a total panic! We all got it going but it was chaos because a window pops up for every file sent to each chat member and a window for every file received from every other chat member --so there was a whole bunch of windows going on! Uploading, downloading--crazy! Now we all know how to create conference calls, send files, chat and exchange information. I love this job.


Anonymous said...

Now I should really come!


Anonymous said...

Why not?

Daniel said...

I don't know about all you other people, but I am happy! I have just won the Wednesday "Wipeout" out of two other team robots(Gary's robot, and Mr.Daly/Wright's robot). I hope you all enjoyed the Wipeout as much as I did.

By the way,I have a little event to add. When it was Gary's turn, after he completed most of the mission his robot was able to accomplish, Mr.Daly was being lean and gave him 1 chance to try and go for a challenge after the time was up. What a terrible mistake!!! While having sampled the fish, and going for the flags, his robot jerked to the right and RAMMED INTO THE GREEN FISHES!!!

If he hadn't tried to solve a challenge after the time was up, he would have came in second place with 35 extra points.

By the way(cough, cough) I am still the winner! Just kiddin'!