Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cassini WorkGroup Mastering Design

Gary and Eric of the Cassini WorkGroup are demonstrating the slding action of their Robot.
Gary say," The hardest part of building this sliding arm was getting the pieces to touch the touch sensor the way we wanted."

When asked what was the importance of the touch sensor, Eric said, " When the bar pushes the touch sensor, we have it programmed for the motor to run back and forth. That's what makes the slider go back and forth."

They reportedly plan to knock flags over and connect the pipeline and protect the pump with this mechanism in the Ocean Odysey Challenge.

You can see them demonstrating the sliding bar here.


Anonymous said...

Todays competition was hard. We had to make the robot do the missions with only one program.

Gary said...

This was the hardest robot I have ever built. I gave me so many problems. It also took very long to build. Finaly it works I am so happy.

Takfat said...

Making robots seems interesting to me, how can I join this program. What time and days it take place each week?

Mr. Shapinsky said...

I look forward to seeing this at the competition this weekend. How did the smackdown go? which moon won?

Gabby said...

Saturdays competition went great the showdown really helped me to prepare for the competition.IS93 came in first place.We did well and saw some really nice designs.It was a great expierence and we look foward to the next competition.

Nicholas said...

I think that this idea Gary and Eric came up with is very cool. Now that I saw it in action, I think I know exactly how it works. I might use this idea for my robot!