Thursday, March 02, 2006

Excellent Progress

Task: Build a robot that goes faster than everyone else's. Distance: ten feet.
Activity: Use Robolab technology to devise a method to measure the velocity of your RobotDragster.
Next: Use the data from your measurements to determine if adjustments are making your robot faster.

I am very pleased with student reactions to this new activity. We discussed how measuring velocity can be done internally or externally. I heard some clever ideas from groups about how they planned to accomplish this task.

I would like to see simple drawings of the code. I would like to see drawings of the external plans.

Some groups reported that using touch sensors to hit a whisker or gate at the end of the 10' could be a solution to stop a timer. Another group may use two sensors linked to a separate RCX to be a starting sensor, the other to be used as an finish line sensor. One group is using Robolab code to build an internal speedometer. All of these are excellent ideas.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Wright I really learned alot from the lesson. We made alot of progress after school. Robert and I fond a external way to time our robot while Daniel worked on a internal way. I believe it was very helpful learnig external and internal ways to help our robot complete our chalenge.