Monday, November 28, 2005

Galileo Group

The Galileo group chose their name after doing research on the NASA site--Great choice!
They also produced a great bulletin board describing the NASA Galileo mission. I learned so much about the project. I was very suprised the group went so in-depth to find the group name. Well done.

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Gabby said...

It Is good to know that the information that we provided was very informative.We chose our name carefully and took the time to expand on what the galileo is.

Gabby said...

Mr.Wright i also have a blog and it talks about our group name and about the progress we made.

Melissa625 said...

Mr.Wright you gaved a good explanation about the computer and the blogs.Now i understand whats happing!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So far, our group is working on our segment. We are having a problem with the the robot. After it starts from the base. The robot goes to the side. It usaually stops almost on top of the reef. So Gabby is workiing on Robo Lab. And Daniel is adding more weight to the Robot. He thinks that what our Robot needs.

-Paulina L. 719

Garcia said...

this is louis garcia from 825 can u teach me how to do that thing with the computer agen. the config thing