Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Complex Programs: Using Segments

I like to borrow techniques that other people come up with to solve problems.

So I have applied the Math Problem Solving Technique of "Make it Simpler" to help me make a large overwhelming problem a series of smaller, more managable segments.

Yesterday in class, we discussed how this idea works. Please post a comment describing the mini-steps you might use to get your robot to the submarine and back to the base.


Eugene said...

I would make my robot go approximately up until it is sideways from the barge. Then I will make it go sideways and up the barge, than my arm will grab the submarine and reverse out of the barge

Robert said...
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Robert said...

This is Robert from 719 again!Fisrt I would make it go up until it was sideways from the barge. Then I would make the robot turn left and go up the barge. Next I would make the robot use a robot arm to pick up the submarine. Next it will reverse and turn right. Lastly, it will move its claw down and reverse back into the home base.

wilson729 said...

Plus we will use a rotation sensor to measure the rotations needed to get up to the barge