Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Honda Drops an Electric Car

The news says that Honda will stop selling the Electric Honda Accord because sales are low.

See guys, even international car companie have difficulty with producing an affordable alternative fuel auto. Maybe the sales are low due to a combination of factors. Isn't the Toyota Prius making sales history?

Why do you think the Prius sales are taking off and the Electric Honda Accord sales slumped to the point that Honda had to cancel sales altogether?

I respect my students' attempts at making an alternative-power source Lego Robot. Don't give up just yet! They are having much difficulty with making a working model but are learning a tremendous amount!


Robert said...

I believe that people are buying the Toyota Prius because they are receiving an incentive for buying it. People don't always base their choice of car completely on quality, they may also consider other factors such as affordability. In terms of the Electric Honda Accord and the Toyota Prius, The Toyota Prius is about $10,000 cheaper than the Electric Honda Accord. When you are considering that kind of money you might choose affordabilty over quality, although in this case these cars have similar quality.

Anonymous said...

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